Product Update & More  14Nov – 21Nov, 2016

Product Update 14 Nov – 21 Nov, 2016


Hey Guys, last week was crazy-fun and I’m sure it was same with you too – exciting, bug-killing-spree, new designs kicking in and few being scraped.

Since we launched SPECS in beta, Sketch plugin usage has gone up by at least 400% with 70% increase in engagement week on week. We had to keep up with these crazy numbers so we bumped up infra for smooth experience. We also planned over 30 users interviews and feedback session in a week and collaborated feedback to make SPECS more useful. So, this weeks’ focus was to make SPECS ready for public release… 🙂

Here’s quick snapshot of recent updates on CanvasFlip:

New Features:

  1. [SPECS] Added support for Web projects
  2. [SPECS] “Copy to Clipboard” option for text content


  1. [SPECS] Confirmation before removing collaborator
  2. [SPECS] “Fit to Screen” option added for specking screens
  3. [SPECS] Added toggle option in layer explorer
  4. [SPECS] Highlight screens in comment mode
  5. [SPECS] Exit comment mode after clicking outside screen area
  6. [SPECS] Keep “Add to Styleguide” permanent for color and fonts
  7. [SPECS] Added “Report an issue” right under the plugin for quickest resolution for your issues.

Bug Fixes:

  1. [SPECS] Repositioning “View SPECS” button for desktop projects
  2. [SPECS] Positioning of comment box fixed
  3. [SPECS] Export assets for all resolutions ( MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI, XHDPI)


And not to mention, all the coffee we had, table-tennis matches we played and head-shots (umm.. at counter-strike ) we took!!

A BIG thank you _/\_ to all awesome people who tried plugin in BETA and shared their valuable feedback. We are trying our best to accommodate all of your feedback. In case you have a query, suggestion or feedback; feel free to reach us or, leave a note in “comments” section.

In case, you are still looking for new plugin, feel free to donwload & install it from here –

I’ll get in touch next week with new features, improvements and BUG FIXES!! Until then….

That’s all folks!!
Pratik, VP – Product @CanvasFlip