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With Sketch coming the new favorite of almost every designer, efficient Sketch plugins are an absolute necessity.  Also, the number of authors creating these plugins have impressively increased. So let me hit you with a run down of 6 such plugins that you would definitely want to try in your next design project.

1. Content Generator

This is an oldiee, but a goldiee! While you are working on large projects, “Content Generator” plugin is a savior, saving an immeasurable amount of time. It allows you to quickly create dummy data such as names, bios, photos, avatars, placeholder text, and more —all in just a few clicks.

This is an ideal plugin for filling your designs without having to dig for images over the internet. Here’s the list of awesome things this plugin can do!

It allows you to –

1.Generate random images to fill up avatars, bio etc

Content generator - 1

(Generating images – image source)

2. Generate random names in few clicks

Content generator - 2

(Generating names – image source)

3. Pull in paragraphs of text for showing a blog or a copywriting for web page

Content generator - 3

(Insert paragraphs – image source)

Download the plugin here

2. Magic Mirror

This plugin is the perfect answer to ‘Well, I need Photoshop to create my perspective mockups’ – Not when you have this plugin in your kit! This plugin bagged a big name in the past and the reason is quite explainable. Creating a perspective of a screen was a thing of photoshop in the past, but this plugin beautifully fills in the gaps for Sketch. It’s a plugin that allows you to mirror the content of an artboard to a perspectively transformed shape layer.

Magic Mirror allows you to mirror the content of an artboard to a perspectively transformed shape layer. The best part is the simplicity. Getting perspective of a mockup is as easy as choosing a template. The time it saves while preparing for that “so-important” presentation is a big relief.

You can use Magic Mirror for –

  1. Product Shots
  2. App icons
  3. Screen flows
  4. App store screens


(What Magic Mirror can do)

There is a free version of the plugin ready for download, as well as a pro version. Download the plugin here

3. Sketch Runner

A cool Sketch plugin that works like Spotlight or Alfred on Mac – Runner is one of those plugins that comes along and makes you wonder how you ever lived without it!  They went from the initial idea to a working plugin demo and website within 30 hours and won the first prize of the Hackday.

It lets you use your keyboard to run commands and order about other plugins. For example, by typing “vertical” into Runner then you can vertically align text much faster than moving your mouse to the button and clicking it.

  • Run any plugin action or menu item;
  • Navigate your pages, artboards, groups, and layers;
  • Insert symbols;
  • Apply shared styles and text styles;
  • Create symbols and styles.

Download the plugin here


4. Dynamic Button

Designers deal with buttons a lot. But no design tool makes it easy for them. Dynamic Button is a plugin that addresses that problem, helping you make text-layer-based buttons on the fly, which just makes sense.

Most designers love this plugin and here is the reason why – The benefit of this tool is when you have to use multiple buttons, with varying text, in a single project. Now you can easily copy a button, change the text, then press cmd+J and your new button will get consistent padding.

Have a look at this if you haven’t used this till now –

dynamic button


(Dynamic Button plugin)

Download the plugin here

5. CanvasFlip’s Plugin for Sketch

(No vanity intended!)

CanvasFlip and Sketch work so great together, it considerably cuts down on your development time and gives you insights on user experience on the product. Directly bring in all your sketch artboards into CanvasFlip, prototype them, share it with real users/clients/teaamates and now relax!! The complete experience of the users would have been recorded in your CanvasFlip account. I am sure you would convert these UX insights into intelligent iteractions on Sketch. Just sync the artboards while you made those changes, it’s all reflected on the CanvasFlip account.


How do you do it?

3 simple steps to get that tested prototype with Sketch + CanvasFlip

1.Create designs in Sketch and upload them directly to CanvasFlip

2. Build prototypes on CanvasFlip and share with users

3. Get actionable feedback on prototypes

4. Iterate

Download the plugin here


Final Words

If you’re looking for something, in particular, to make your Sketch experience a bit easier, or looking for something that will save you a little bit of time, you should take at the official Sketch Plugin Directory, there are hundreds of plugins, for almost everything.

Also, keep me informed of some awesome Sketch plugin I missed!

Oh, by the way, did you know that you could directly import your Sketch plugins into CanvasFlip? Prototype and conduct usability tests on the prototype.


Try CanvasFlip for free now..!!

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