5 most important requirements for eCommerce

User Experience Design is the process of making customers happy by improving the design, usability or accessibility of a product. In recent years, UX design has held an increasingly important role in the creation of new products and services. Some companies, such as Apple and Google exemplify the ‘gold standard’ of good UX design.


In terms of eCommerce, UX design is very important as it contributes to core business metrics through

  • Increasing website conversion rates
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improving branding and awareness
  • Increase average basket quantity
  • Reduces visitor bounce rates

Here are the five must do pointers for an eCommerce website –

1# Easy Navigation

Navigation is the most crucial category when it comes to websites with lots and lots of categories. And of course, when we are talking about the e-commerce website, multiple categories is like the unsaid truth! Isn’t it?

Without the ability to easily navigate your website, customers will struggle to find:
1. The product or service they’re after
2. The information that will encourage them to purchase the product

Both of which would ultimately result in fewer sales. To put it in a more positive note, the faster they find the stuff, the faster they would checkout happily and speak tons (mind it, good) about your brand. 

Prominent CTAs, good linking and search functionality ensures that a customer knows where to go and how to find what he or she is looking for. Good navigation should flow and be naturally intuitive.

Top tips:

  • Include a search bar and a navigation bar.
    Multiple options help different users who feel more comfortable with different methods of navigation.
  • Include the most popular products somewhere easily accessible, such as the homepage.
    This can help to increase sales of those products, however, be aware that this may reduce the visibility of lesser-known products.
  • Have deep parent categories and drop down menus.
    There is research that hover based, drop down menus result in an increase of recurring sales.


Strong branding

Well established and easily recognisable branding helps to effectively communicate a brand’s character and values. It also helps to ensure that the company is easily memorable. It’s often the case that tech / media eCommerce sites have a cool, monochromatic design, where as food and drink websites tend to be quite colourful and lively, such as Hedonism Wines.



Top Tips:

  • Ensure that your brand values are communicated on your website
  • Use three or fewer fonts on your website
  • Try and use three or less colors on your website
  • Try to keep your website’s branding consistent throughout the website and on other marketing assets


Good photography

All eCommerce stores can benefit from good quality photography. It helps to reinforce values such as ‘quality’ and ‘professionalism’ and build trust with potential customers.

Additionally, stores with high-quality photography also tend to have higher conversion rates and improved repeat orders.


Top Tips:

  • If you can afford one, get your product photos taken professionally
  • If you’re DIYing it, try and use a good camera. Fortunately, they have become very affordable.
  • Lighting is import, if the sun tends to work well, although it is fickle
  • Try take photos with a continuous background, either white or grey
  • Try taking pictures of the product from multiple angles


Good Copy

The aim of good eCommerce copywriting is to encourage people to purchase your product. The primary factors that contribute to this are:

  • Being clear, easily understandable and concise
  • Building trust
  • Enhancing the benefits of the product

By ensuring your website has good copy, you can help to boost sales, increase average transaction value and increase repeat orders.


Here are some top tips to make your copy hot:

  • Avoid jargon and cliches – keep it simple and easily understandable
  • Stick to short sentences – this encourages readability
  • Maintain an active voice
  • Speak simply
  • Keep a consistent tone
  • Try not to exaggerates


Simple checkout

All the websites mentioned above offer a simple, easy to use checkout platform. This helps to improve customer satisfaction, offer high customer transaction averages and repeat customers. Simple checkouts help to minimize the time and effort a customer needs to spend when purchasing a product. The less time and effort it is, the lower your site’s basket abandonment rate is.

Top Tips:

  • Try to request the minimum amount of information possible
  • Use an eCommerce platform with a highly optimized checkout process
  • Pretend to be a customer and place an order yourself to see how you can improve


This article was written by Daniel Johnson at Shoprocketa fully-featured eCommerce Platform that enables you to start selling on your website, Facebook Page or Blog minutes.


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