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Behance is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. It needs no more of introduction to the designers! It’s the LinkedIn of designers – helps to surf designer talent.

Behance has a talented team of designers and developers who have created an awesome platform for fellow designers, leveraging them to create designs that could change the world. This is the reason we’ve picked up “Behance” for user testing in the #Flippd edition this week.

Used the Behance app for hundreds and thousands of times by now?? Ofcourse! Still, trying the prototype HERE would be a pretty interesting activity – Start by signing up and then adding your work on Behance NOW!

Hope it was an amazing journey through your favorite app. Creating it on CanvasFlip was super fun too! Especially to watch the notification of “project published” appear after 2sec. Noticed that, right? 😛

Show me the complete flow/sitemap of the project NOW.”  – Says THE senior. Nightmare? Haha. But what if it’s automatically generated in the CanvasFlip account? Have a look at the UX sitemap of the Behance app prototype.


“Feedback is the breakfast of designers – Important and necessary.”

(Healthy living tip : Breakfast puts your day on the perfect track) And so does early feedback, isn’t it?

So here are the insights on the Behance prototype. Convert insights into intelligence –

This records and replays every touch point of your user with the prototype. Get a clear picture of the highway routes and friction points of users. Checkout the session replay of a user on the Behance app prototype –


A quantitative approach to figure out DROP-OFFS in your UX flow. Spot the screens with higher drop-offs and fix the design. Have a look at the conversion funnel on the Behance app prototype.


Find out on which elements user focuses most within your prototype. From red being the most interact-able (/heated) area to blue being the least, get the complete visual hierarchy of interaction users performed.

heat map

This was an user analysis on the Behance app prototype. Are we still missing out on your favorite app? Or do you want us to cover your app on the #Flippd section of CanvasFlip? Do let us know. Drop us a mail on monika[at]canvasflip.com or post it on Facebook on our dedicated group for requests.


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