A step wise guide to designing healthcare apps

“An app for everything” is like the new trending tag on social media. And we do not intend to defy this in anyway because it is true! Healthcare is a new hot topic in the app development domain, which obviously means that UX professional are getting more requests for designing healthcare apps.

Here are few very important aspects you need to align to when designing for a healthcare app/website.

  • Step 1 : Understand the end user

For any designs you make, your first step is to understand your users. So is the case here. But the importance of this step increases a lot more here because it deals with a very vast range of users. But again the challenge is to filter from this vast crowd who would use the healthcare mobile or web app. Factors to be considered might be age, gender, income and such demographics. The approach has to be very patient-centric.

Yes its correctly said ” a designer has to a detective in the early stages of design phase” 🙂

understand the user

(understand your users)


  • Step 2: Understand the requirement of the user

While some of the points might just instantly click your mind, like, doctor’s directory and contact information, the others might not be very obvious.  For such points you need to brainstorm the requirements and write out every random requirement a patient might have. Later group the similar content in a clear and concise manner.

Starting with a mobile app and then moving to the desktop website might help. As the small screen size of the mobile would force you to keep the options concise and then as the screen size increases you could keep expanding the options.

brainstorm for options

(brainstorm for requirements)

  • Step 3 : Keep it simple

When a user is on the app, all he wants is to find a doctor asap and book an appointment. In case of a delay, people back out from doctor’s clinics, so when on an app, they have all the more options to do so! Use parameters like gender, specialty required and other such keywords and them to their requirement quickly. Wizard approach is much referred in such cases.


(the user wants to get to the doctor as soon as possible)

  • Step 4 : Win the trust factor

To trust a doctor, people need a first hand experience or a review from friends/colleagues. Provide a description of the doctor along with some reviews. Also, maintain a fine balance between its necessity and overdoing it.


describe the doctor

(Describe the doctor or give reviews about him)

Do some some your experiences and suggestions about UX in the healthcare apps/websites. Waiting to hear from you. Leave your comments below or drop a mail at monika[at]canvasflip.com

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