QR Code – Experience your prototype instantly on your phone.

In this era of smartphones we do not want to restrict the designers to just preview the prototype over a dummy screen on the desktop. Just by scanning the QR code on CanvasFlip, your prototype can be viewed on your phone in no time delay! Isn’t that amazing? You can actually experience the prototype that you have designed, as an app on your phone rather than just seeing it on the desktop.

Also you can use three different phones, windows, android and IOS to check it over the phone even before you have shared it to your team/seniors/clients. The usability analysis becomes even more refined with this.


Checkout This Preview-

QR Code

(QR Code Preview)


Steps to get it done:

1) Open CanvasFlip Studio.

2) Click PREVIEW  button on the top right corner.

3)Now, Scan the QR Code with any QR Code scanner from mobile, And, it’s Done.


(CansvasFlip – QR Code Prototype Preview)

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  • Akshay (Building Aircto)

    This is an awesome feature. And I’m in complete agreement that the usability analysis becomes more refined with this. I would love to know more about such interesting features in canvasflip.

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