5 App Prototyping Tips for Project Managers

5 App Prototyping Tips for Project Managers

5 Most Important Tips For Mobile App Prototyping

1. Prototype as early as you can

Don’t wait for *that* one final version of your mockups to come out. Draw something simple in Photoshop, Sketch, PowerPoint, or just do it on paper with pencil. Take few snapshots and create your prototype. Earlier you start, earlier you will start to get feedback on it and earlier you can improve. This can be life saving tip when working on scrum developments with tough timelines.




“Let us make better mistakes tomorrow” – Anonymous

2. List down all the possible flows crystal clear on a platform

You should have a deep understanding of the specific activity you’re supporting with your design. Asking yourself, “Who is using your app?” is important but what is more important as a product manager is to ask yourself – “What are people gonna do on your app?”

For this, you have to be clear in your mind where the flow of app is being directed. List down all possible options a user can opt to. This will help in lucid designing. Now you can direct the user to his destination very smartly.

Imagine if you were new in a town and you had to go to a place X. Due to lack of proper directions you might drop the plan of place X and find an alternative which was easily discoverable.

Same will be case with your users if the flow confuses them.



(2.Application Flow)


3. Get actionable feedback. Tangibly.

Asking feedback from random people without any use-case will confuse you more than it will give any clear action point. The most effective feedback for app design is to observe people when they are trying to complete a specific work flow. Try to convert these feedback into set of metric like how much time to complete a work-flow. How many screens, time per screen, interaction per screen etc.. record these feedback as much as your can.  There are two key points in getting the correct feedback-

  • Have a good strength of dummy audience
  • Have your feedback in a manageable manner so that you can analyse it in the best possible way




“Stop wishing and start getting feedbacks.”

4. Analyse these feedback 

Getting the data does sound convincing enough to complete the development process, but unfortunately it isn’t. Proper analyzing is the next very important step. You require efficient tools to help you do this. CanvasFlip provides a platform where analyzing the feedback obtained becomes lot more easily with UX sitemaps, heat maps etc. You have to analyse at which point most users give up on their struggle with the app, how much time the user takes on each screen and such parameters. This will surely help in making improving the UX of an app.





5. Improve and share again

Keep improving the designed app and then share with different groups of dummy audience so that you get a variety of feedback. Repeat till you get your data analysis a BINGO!




“A great design is an iteration of a good design”

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Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile App Prototyping

  • Ankit Singh

    Great Article.. I loved the part as early as possible. Wish we had CanvasFlip before, so that we could save our development efforts.

    • Canvas Flip

      Thanks Ankit for your feedback. I am sure CanvasFlip will help you now onwards to save your development effort and time as well.

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