Customer experience vs User Experience: one or both are essential?

How many times have you ordered a commodity from an e-commerce site and you did not love it, so you wanted to replace it?

Your immediate action would do is to go on the app, look for a keyword – REPLACE, failing which you would try to contact the customer care. A good USER EXPERIENCE would guarantee locating the REPLACE keyword.

Next the delivery boy comes by your doorsteps the very next morning and with a smile takes back your order and replaces it within the estimated time. Now this is a good CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.



(Good Customer Experience)

It is clear from the example above that the user can sometimes be a user and the vice versa. Also, the user sometimes only restricts itself to being a user and does not necessarily become a customer.

The terms UX and CX are often interchangeably used in the scope of designing. CX is a term that has been coined very recently.


The Difference Between UX and CX

A good place to start in separating the two approaches is to understand the difference the users and customers.


Difference between UX and CX

(The Problem)

USERS are the segment that is involved in interaction with a product in terms of it being used. The experience related to this is limited to that specific product, be it a website, an app or a physical object.

CUSTOMERS are the users who pay for the value that is created for them through use of product AND interaction with the brand.

User experience includes responses from use of product and services. Whereas, customer experience includes responses at all touch points with the particular company.


Integrating UX and CX

Till recently, customer experience was not defined differently than user experience. But, in recent years companies have tossed this new term. Most of these companies do agree to the fact that for best results both need to go hand in hand.



(User Experience)

“Companies aim to convert users into customers!”

Initially, UX was being aligned with the technology side and CX to the marketing. But, smart companies are now placing both under the same umbrella.

If you could book your ticket with the best user experience app and the air hostess greets you and serves you the delicacies along with a smile, what would stop you from opting with the same airlines for the next time?


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