5 Most Common UX design Myths

Sitting at a CCD or a metro train, you would have often overheard groups of gentlemen and ladies talking about awesome UX and not so cool UI for some xyz website. But most of those high level talks often tend to entangle the two terms- UX and UI. Here are few misconceptions about UX-


MYTH NO. 1: UX and UI are synonymous

A dish served at a restaurant might look extremely beautiful and colorful, yet it might lack the perfect taste.

User Interface (UI) is only the visible tip of the big iceberg (User experience). If one ignores the bulk of the iceberg inside the sea, the result would be nothing different from what happened to the massive TITANIC.

To state as a definition, UX is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability and comfort of use. It is the ease of interaction between the customer and the product.

Whereas, UI is defined as the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of the product.

Confused? UX is your heart, lungs, kidney etc. and UI is how pretty/handsome you look.


MYTH NO. 2: UX is dependent on fancy and decorative items

When you are hungry and you want to fulfill the need of your crying stomach, you do not require the coriander leaves decorated on paneer butter masala. All you want is THE PANEER BUTTER MASALA. No doubt about the fact that you would appreciate the way of presentation after the hunger cry subsides.

Design isn’t just about making things pretty, but also about how a piece of work can be streamlined in its performance and simple in its usage. The great Italian artist has put it’s perfectly when he said – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

In a nutshell, try to avoid overstuffing your design and make it as simple yet powerful as possible


MYTH NO. 3: UX is expensive and demand great technology

UX is not about having the best technology at hand. One can design a journey with good user experience with just little graphic design knowledge. The key is the thinking and understanding your user base.

Good UX doesn’t cost money, nor long hours, all it takes is your heart and brain. There is always a cheaper way to design the same thing, only one should invest the required time and interest in it.

Sometimes all you need to provide, is a basic shopping cart, to makes a shopper’s experience worthwhile at D-Mart.


MYTH NO. 4: UX needs designers and not UX Specialists

The kinder garden teacher would definitely teach a child in the fanciest manner but someone has rightly stated – “One mother achieves more than a hundred teachers.” This is because she knows her child the best.

Nurturing a design-centric environment might leading you to a visually-stunning design, but not a user-centric experience. The main difference between the two is that a designer tends to think in terms of client-driven creativity, whereas a UX specialist would think in terms of user-driven demand.

A designer will give the face of the interface with the most creative and beautiful ideas but a UX specialists will learn about user behavior, user attitudes, think from a user’s perspective and then frame the face of the interface. So, for a WOW user experience what you need is the latter.


MYTH NO. 5: UX is a step in the process

UX are steps taken by a UX specialist in order to create lovable experience. You would now wonder that if it is a process then why do why need a specialist and what was all the talk above about? But my friends, to break rules you have to learn them thoroughly first! To make something extraordinary at the end, several trials, errors and feedbacks are required. The process provides a framework over which he sculpts his imagination and analysis. UX designing is a much broader process ideally. It starts from building onto the strategy and ends at getting proper feedback. Deep down it is-

  • Pre – planning
  • Exploration
  • Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Feedback


UX is like a joke, the moment you have to explain it, it is not good anymore! So experience it.

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