Decoding Popular Mobile Apps by Indian Startups #flipd

Being a startup in user experience segment, I used to get many emails everyday asking standard practice in mobile app UX. So we thought of using wisdom of successful startups and crated work-flow and  interactive prototypes of their mobile apps.

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Let’s get going with our observation and the mobile apps covered.

(here’s Flipkart clickable mobile app prototype simulation)

Flipkart mobile app simulatin


And here’s flow chart of Myntra Android Mobile App (did I say it’s my favorite) . Go through it in #Flipd app and see how smoothly they guide users toward the bag (cart in their case). Awesome experience.!!


Well.. this is what we have for our budding entrepreneurs foraying in e-commerce industry. This might be most useful 20 minutes you spend here to save hours of your research.

What.?? You are not in e-commerce domain.

And for those, who are working with Food startup ( Hottest in India, as we speak)

Friends, as of now we could #Flipd  Food panda mobile app. Shortly we are coming up with Foursquare, Yelp, Zomato. In case you are lookign for something specific, leave a comment with playstore link of the app.

fp mobile app

Other than E-commerce and Food, we #Flipd Book My Show, leading Indian startup from Entertainment segment.

What I really liked in BookMyShow android app is that they are very creative in picking up seats or date time or other inputs. They could have worked with number of screens from trailar  to ticket booking.

bms flow

Why the hell we did this?

Being a startup in user experience segment, I used to get many emails everyday asking standard practice in mobile app UX. And to be honest, I didn’t know more than my clients already did. So I started doing what most of the product managers, app designers and other entrepreneurs do before they start building their mobile apps.

I started going through mobile apps of popular mobile of startups. I started with Flipkart because, umm, everyone was talking about them. And then one of my favorite app, Myntra. and then I spent few days observing user experience of  many other mobile apps  varying from Food startup to Entertainment buiz etc etc.

To support my observations with data-points and recently acquired wisdom of startup apps, I started structuring screens in form of flow-chart and then this idea flashed. If it can help me and my clients, it must be helpful to all other mobile app professionals from Product managers to UX designers to app developers.

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Happy Flipping!!

Team CanvasFlip

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      Sure Rao. We will soon create an OLA prototype and share analysis at #Flipd section.

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